What is the difference between National Publicity Campaigns and Tour Publicity?

A National Publicist generally handles publicity for a New Release and focuses on major media outlets. They send your music to major industry publications to get your album reviewed and line up interviews that, when published, will coincide with your CD Release.  They also work to secure TV Appearances as well as Video airplay.

A Tour Publicist concentrates on each gig – securing newspaper reviews, calendar listings, photos and radio play as well as in-studios, when possible, for each individual gig.

Do you offer Radio Promotion? 

I worked for years as an Americana Radio Promoter in Nashville and I helped to chart many artists on the Americana Chart as well as other indie charts such as FOLK-DJ, FAR, EU-Americana.  I have an extensive Radio database for Americana, Folk, Bluegrass and Overseas and, on a case by case basis, may be able to help with radio support; however, MelFarina Media is not actively promoting to radio at this time.

Do you write BIO’s & Press Releases?

 As a part of Tour Publicity, I create a press release for each gig that is based on your BIO utilizing your existing reviews & quotes and, if applicable, interject all market-specific information to garner increased interest in your show and help secure media coverage.

Do you manage social media?

I strongly believe the artist should manage their own social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) so that there is a direct connection to their fan base, so we do not manage social media for our artists; however, as part of our tour campaigns, we do assist in social media plugs for each tour date.

Do you create graphics or manage websites?

After almost 20 years in the business, I can recommend or connect you to several good graphic designers, photographers and web designers to help you with your graphic needs.

Do you Book gigs?

No. A tour publicist works in tandem with the agents and venues to secure media coverage (newspaper, radio and sometimes online sources) to promote your gig. A booking agent gets you the gig, negotiates fees and sets up tours generally for a % of your fee.

Do you guarantee media coverage and increased ticket sales?

If everyone works together for the same outcome; the venue provides information and support, the timing is right and the stars are aligned properly, you will hopefully receive the best possible media coverage available in the area to promote your show.   Of course, there are no guarantees and ultimately, coverage in Newspaper, Radio and any other media source is at their discretion. What we can guarantee is 100% effort on my part to achieve maximum media coverage.

What is your Tour Publicity Rate?

Rates are determined by the Artists’ needs.   Some Artists are looking for a publicity blast for one big show (ie: CD Release, Big Concert Hall); others need help with publicity for just a handful of shows or short tour.  Still others are interested in a tour publicity package that will cover several months; and many want a partner in their overall career with someone to handle the tour publicity on an on-going basis.  I offer various options for tour press. To discuss the best package for you , email MelFarinaMedia <at> gmail.com.

For specific details about Tour Publicity and other services please contact Melissa Farina.

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