Tour Press

Though National Press is essential for every new album release, it’s equally  important for an artist to promote every gig in order to get the most out of each booking, maximize your potential audience for every show or continue the buzz & momentum generated from a new release. Focusing on Tour Press, my goal is to maintain that momentum and generate additional buzz for your gigs by securing  reviews, calendar listings, photos and radio play as well as in-studios, whenever and wherever possible working in tandem with the venues which is paramount to successful publicity for a show.

I offer multiple options for Tour Press. Whether you are headed out on a short 2 week run or a one or two month tour, I can provide you with the best possible tour coverage to help increase awareness for your shows & your music in and around the area. You go out and give your best performance every show while we work behind the scenes to help build your audience.


I offer artist Consultations that will help you determine the direction of your career, where to focus your energy and resources while advising you on when and what tasks [booking, publicity-national or tour, radio promotion]  you should outsource ; review your promotional materials and make recommendations on how to improve them; touring and venue recommendations;  review & critique your website as well as  live performance.

For more information on each of these services, please email Melissa Farina