Dawn and Hawkes



After a happenstance encounter, Austin based singer/songwriters Miranda Dawn and Chris Hawkes joined together to formed the male/female fronted band Dawn and Hawkes. This folk-rock/americana duo first appeared in front of a large audience at the Kerrville Folk Festival, where Dawn was awarded as a finalist in the New Folk competition for emerging songwriters. Within a month, they had recorded and released their self-produced EP, GOLDEN HEART, featuring signature harmonies and an indie-folk sound influenced by Americana, country-rock, and classic Beatlesque-pop.

Earlier this year, Dawn and Hawkes wowed THE VOICE hosts and critics at their audition for season 6. TVLine’s Senior Editor, Michael Slezak wrote,  “Dawn & Hawkes: The Beatles’ “I’ve Just Seen a Face” | Mr. Levine went a tad overboard with his “favorite performance I’ve ever seen on The Voice” critique…but that doesn’t mean this romantic couple didn’t slay the Beatles-sized dragon that was standing in front of ‘em. There was so much warmth and complexity to the blend of their voices, I could’ve basked in two hours of tunes from ‘em!”

And Shakira followed Levine’s glowing remark with “…an amazing connection that embraces everyone around you.”

 What is now a full-time touring and musical partnership, began with modest expectations. “I was out listening to the blues at a little juke-joint in East Austin and asked this pretty girl to dance” says Hawkes, “We were having a good time dancing and found out we were both singer-songwriters.” Dawn continues the story saying, “Our timing and rhythm were just in-sync and when we added harmonies, songs, and guitar playing, it all went together – like dancing.”

Between tours, they are home in Austin where the are wrapping up production on their first full length album, expected to release in early 2015.