Chamomile and Whiskey


Chamomile & Whiskey from RichT LO RES Color-16

CATEGORY: Americana, Folk-Rock, Irish, Gypsy

“This band has so much going for it: smart original tunesmithing, interesting cross-genre pollination and richly textured sonics that should come across well through Rock Shop’s excellent PA.” – New York Music Daily

“While their music is pure and organic, there is an electricity about Chamomile and Whiskey that cannot be captured in words.  The name aptly suits the band’s sound.  With a subtle strength, their music is at times relaxing and melodic and other times has a celt-punk kick that will make you want to dance like a maniac under the influence of musical intoxication.” -Virginia Magazine 33

Chamomile and Whiskey

Listen to the Title Track from Wandering Boots

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photo credit: Rich Tarbell