Welcome to MelFarina Media

“…as usual, she’s one step ahead of my needs.” – Al Moss, Al Moss Promotion

” You are tops, Melissa, and one of the best decisions I made was to work with you.”            -Michael Clem, Singer/Songwriter, Musician, Co-founder EFO

” You were instrumental in explaining to me how all this worked, and how to properly calibrate my expectations, and how to slowly build the important relationships and contacts I would need. Some of the relationships I made from that first radio campaign have remained some of my most important.  Anyway . . . I never properly thanked you for your role in pointing me in the right direction, career-wise, straight out of the shoot.”    -Danny Schmidt, singer-songwriter

“…thanks for the information, insight, and guidance. I really appreciate the time and energy you put into this thoughtful reply. Very helpful for us in guiding our decision process.” –Joe Jencks, singer/songwriter and co-founder of Brother Son

When I needed help with tour publicity, I wanted someone who was not only professional, but also personable; someone who would approach the press as thoroughly and thoughtfully as if it were her own music. I’ve had the good fortune to work with Melissa Farina for several years, and it is always money well spent. She knows how to get the job done, and she gets it done right.”   – Terri Allard, singer/songwriter & TV Host, CVIO